About Us

We love wood, we love whiskey…. it’s no wonder we love making Authentic Irish Whiskey Barrel WoodChips to share with the world.

It’s been a journey. Ray has a life long passion and skill set for everything to do with wood. John has an in-depth knowledge of Irish whiskey and in particular the barrels that contribute so much flavor.

Their paths crossed and from that Ray and his team at O Flynn’s Flooring have created a beautiful bespoke solid parquet floor from the larger staves of Irish whiskey barrels.

John and Ray then joined forces and combined their individual knowledge and passion.

It wasn’t easy, it took longer than they thought but it was fun…

Eight woodchipping machines later(some machines survived but some have passed to the next life) This quarter sawn oak heart wood is hard stuff. It doesn’t help that we have very high standards of the product we produce.

Our aim is to treat the barrels that pass through our hands with the same respect and attention to detail that the Irish distilleries and coopers have done over the decades that these barrels have stored uisce beatha.

Two young guns Cian and Harry joined in along the way. Between them they have an unbelievable passion for good food. In particular the Irish artisan food scene that is thriving in Ireland thanks to the years of hard work that people have put into making Ireland a center of excellence for world class food. The two guys also love instagram and are reconnecting with Facebook to help Irish Whiskey Barrel get our message out there.

Now it’s over to you. Use our whiskey barrel woodchips in your BBQ and smokers and experience the unique taste and flavor.

Share the flavor with friends and family.

Most importantly…..HAVE FUN DOING IT