Adam John Paul

I got a large bag of whiskey barrel chunks from Ray at the start of the summer and what a summer to try them out. 

I bbq’d 2/3 times a week and used these at least once or twice a week. I did everything from beef short ribs, brisket, duck breast and pork ribs on the bbq with these chunks. 

The quality is amazing, the fragrance when you smell the chunks is superb, the whiskey and wood aroma is stunning. The chunks are a nice large size so smoking for few hours doesn’t require constant topping up which I very much liked compared to the “chunks” that are more flakes that others sell. 

The larger chunks are brilliant and really last for much longer. I certainly won’t be going else where for wool chunks for smoking again. 

Best of all is they are in Irish company and we all need to support Irish companies more, keep it local and create local jobs.

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Adam John Paul